A few simple procedures can make the selection of a perfect
Christmas tree easier:

Determine where in your home you will display your tree. With this in
mind you will beable to tell what height, size and shape you will need
and whether all four sides mustbe suitable for display. Some prefer a
slender tree, others want one which is largerand more bulky.

Check for freshness- bend a tree needle to test its resiliency. Make
sure it bouncesback rather than breaks. Run your finger down a branch
the needles should adhereto each twig. Bump the base end of the tree
lightly against the ground to see that theneedles are firmly attached and
if any outside needles fall off (inside needle loss inPine trees is common
every Fall however, and may lodge against the branches). If only a few
drop off, the tree is fresh.

Look for a tree with: an attractive good green color, full bushy appearance,
pleasing fragrance and sturdy enough branches to hold ornaments and
strings of electric lights.

Limbs should be strong enough to hold ornaments and strings of lights.

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