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Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree provides us with a long standing and universal holiday tradition- which is
also individual as no two trees are exactly alike! Your tree will look best with a balance of texture,
shape, size and color- but with one theme being dominant. Begin decorating by first establishing
symmetry- put on the most dominant &/or largest number of ornaments.

• Hang shiny finished, bright colors, and larger ornaments first before matte finished, muted,
and smaller ornaments.
• Place dominant colored glass, mirrored, or metal ornaments in your tree’s interior to show depth.
• Repetition helps to establish your theme- use the same color, texture, shape ornaments.
• Use garlands, swags, bows, ribbon cascades in one color or pattern.
• Use one basic motif- folk, religious, romance, natural, juvenile, Santa, etc.
• For a formal look, hang similar ornaments, fruit, flowers, or bows at peaks of garland swags.
• Ensure ornaments are hanging freely and not touching tree branches- cluster several for
a dramatic effect.
• Combine different colors, sizes, or shapes on one hook (or tie together) and place
symmetrically over tree.
• Finish by covering the base of your tree with a tree skirt.

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